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The control unit installer working order
  1. A mounting sleeve 2 is welded to the pipeline 1
  2. The ball valve 8 and the Device with a drill 11 fixed in a gripper 10 are fastened one after another to the mounting sleeve using captive nuts 7 and 9. The pipe wall is perforated by turning a handle 6 of a hollow rod 3 and advancing a drill by rotating a pressure sleeve 5. The drill 11 is hidden into a housing cavity 4 and a ball valve is turned off.
  3. The Device is detached from the ball valve.
  4. The drill is replaced with a bayonet plug 13 with an electrochemical sensor 12 in the gripper 10. The device is mounted on the ball valve 8, the valve is opened to pass the bayonet plug through it. The plug is inserted in the mounting sleeve 2. The liquid is discharged from the housing cavity 4 through a check valve 14.
  5. The device and the ball valve are removed from the mounting sleeve.
  6. The sensor is inserted into the pipe and fixed at a necessary level with a collet closing mechanism. Plug connector 16 is used for connecting a "Monicor" corrosion gage 17 to the electrochemical sensor 12.