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Лабораторный стенд для изучения эрозии
    Installation Feature
  • Particle velocities from 5 m/s to 150 m/s
  • Adjustable angles of attack of abrasive particles from 10° to 90°
  • Up to 6 simultaneously tested samples
  • Sizes of test samples up to 40x100 mm
  • Ability to change abrasive concentration in a stream
  • Video Capability
  • The ability to supply fluid to the test sample
  • Test result – steel weight change, micrometric and laser wear measurements
    Tasks that can be solved
  • Determination of deterioration of various materials when exposed to abrasive particles in conditions similar to real
  • The choice of the most resistant materials to erosion wear, including mixed with moisture in the gas stream.
    Cooperation options
  • sale and installation of the erosion stand to the buyer;
  • testing of customer materials at the own stand.
    Для примера показаны фотографиии образцов черной стали при воздействия на них одинакового количества абразива при разных углах атаки. Измерения глубины проведены с помощью микрометра.