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Research and production firm «AKRUS-M» are a company specializing in the developments of corrosion monitoring systems as well as accompanying software.

The main core of the company are former employees of the state institute «IPTER». We are trying to continue the best traditions of this well-known scientific organization taking into account the current market requirements.


Sincerely, director of Research and production firm «AKRUS-M» Ayrat Faritov

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Our main products
  The "Extra 7.0" pipelines analysis and maintenance software.
- profound accounting and analysis of pipelines,
- pipeline certification,
- preparation of various report forms,
- elaboration of plans and registration of results of corrosion monitoring and inhibition activities,
- solving various engineering problems related to pipeline maintenance, including:
  • hydraulic problems
  • detection of corrosion-risk areas
  • calculation and prediction of corrosion rates
  • assessment of pipelines' service life period and technical and economic assessment of recommendations
  • working out pipeline overhaul, reconstruction and inhibition schedules
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On May 25, 2023 our company took part with the report «Automated Corrosion Protection System» in the discussion panel «Actual problems of corrosion protection of oil and gas equipment and pipelines» within the framework of the «Gas.Oil.Technologies» exhibition, which was held in Ufa . The areas covered at the discussion panel included the ways of solving the problems of corrosion protection of oilfield and oil refining equipment and main pipelines
On December 23, 2022, our company was awarded a diploma for the 2nd place in the Russian award in the field of international cooperation and export in the competition "Exporter of the Year of the Republic of Bashkortostan" (for 2021) in nomination "Exporter of the Year in the service sector among small and medium-sized businesses". The staff of Research and production firm "Akrus-M" expresses gratitude to the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations of the Republic of Bashkortostan and the Export Support Center of the Republic of Bashkortostan for the high appreciation.
The production of a new flow unit "Monicor-stand-K" was mastered. It allows to determine and transmit corrosion rate and oxygen concentration to the Web-server in real time. In the stationary version, the unit is equipped with 5 solenoid valves and a separator, which prevents hydrocarbons from entering the zone for measuring oxygen and corrosion rate using the LPR method. The unit is controlled by the Monicor-3-GSM-LPR multifunctional device, which receives and transmits information from 2 corrosion sensors, an oxygen sensor and 2 microflow meters to the Web-server, and also controls the operation of all solenoid valves according to a given program. The unit in a stationary version was installed at one of the sewage pump stations of Samotlorneftegaz JSC. The using of the unit provides the possibility to control the ingress of oxygen into the RPM system, which is one of the strongest corrosive agents, and to take preventive measures if it is present. The resolving power of the stand for oxygen is very high - 4 µg/l. If necessary, the unit can automatically regulate the supply of a dosing pump with an oxygen neutralizer.
The certification of corrosion control units "Monicor-UKK-ST" for operation in explosive media according to TR CU 012/2011 is successfully passed
The "Akrus-M" Research chemical laboratory has successfully passed the procedure for competence confirmation in the Federal Accreditation Service. You can see the full list of objects and indicators of the scope of accreditation here (Scope of accreditation, Scope of accreditation 2).
The specialists of the Research and production firm "Akrus-M" took part in the Scientific and technical seminar "Production and transportation of oil and gas. New technologies and solutions" with two reports ("Use of domestic equipment for maintenance of corrosion control units of the pressure maintenance system of water conduits for the high pressure without stopping pipelines", and "Automated control system for the supply of chemical reagents") under the auspices of "RN-BashNIPIneft" in Ufa.
The certification of the "Monicor-3-GSM-LPR" corrosion meter in the "Monicor-isobox" steel container for operation in explosive media according to TR CU 012/2011 was successfully passed.
The 3rd version of the software engineering calculator "Extra-calc" has been released. The new version includes: calculations of CO2 corrosion according to the NORSOK M506 model and losses due to erosion according to the recommendations of NORSOK RP RP-O501. The calculations of salts and the salt composition of the water model were supplemented with clarifications, the calculations when mixing liquids was added in the calculation of the water model.
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