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Research and production firm AKRUS-M are a company specializing in the developments of corrosion monitoring systems as well as accompanying software.

The main core of the company are former employees of the state institute IPTER. We are trying to continue the best traditions of this well-known scientific organization taking into account the current market requirements.


Sincerely, director of Research and production firm AKRUS-M Ayrat Faritov

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Our main products
  The "Extra 6.0" pipelines analysis and maintenance software.
- profound accounting and analysis of pipelines,
- pipeline certification,
- preparation of various report forms,
- elaboration of plans and registration of results of corrosion monitoring and inhibition activities,
- solving various engineering problems related to pipeline maintenance, including:
  • hydraulic problems
  • detection of corrosion-risk areas
  • calculation and prediction of corrosion rates
  • assessment of pipelines' service life period and technical and economic assessment of recommendations
  • working out pipeline overhaul, reconstruction and inhibition schedules
  Monicor® equipment More...
A Web-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Web-Eco system was designed for enterprises operating in the field of providing services, manufacturing (packaging) and supplying their own and / or third-party products.
The system provide control of sales: the formation of documentation, storage of additional sales documentation, sales search by principle, change in sales status, sales book formation, costing goods, Sale prices; Purchasing of components and their complete set in commodity units; Warehouse movement. When you enter a new order, an automatic determination of the need for components is made, which ensures that the order is strictly enforced. (Drawings, descriptions, etc.).
Also in the same system, the office work of the enterprise is carried out: storage and automatic numbering of orders, travel certificates, power of attorney, incoming and outgoing correspondence with reference to sales; Accounting, storage and retrieval of information about employees, staffing, time sheets, conducts records of paid and unpaid compensatory time offs and much more.
One of the functions of the system is the formulation, discussion and monitoring of the tasks that are put to the employees within the framework of the enterprise. One of the elements of improving the performance discipline is a daily automatic dispatch with reminders about employees by e-mail, which makes it easier to control the work processes from the middle and top level of the company.
Web-Eco is not positioned as a program for accounting, so it does not take into account all the company's expenses, but only those that affect sales bundling. This scheme is less burdensome than the full ERP-system of the enterprise, both for users and for accountants, whose role is that it is included in the system, Primary sales documentation is formed in Web-eco cooperates with the enterprise and can at any time Be restored from there.
Access to the Web-Eco system occurs from any Internet browser by login-password and SMS, coming to the phone registered in the system. The system implements the demarcation of users' rights to view and modify certain data, a single warehouse for any number of vendors and many other useful functions. The system calculates all changes in the database with the date and user name, the change, with the ability to recover deleted records.
The Web-Eco system is implemented as SaaS (software as a service - software as a service).
Those wishing to use the Web-Eco service can contact us.
Industrial testing and inclusion of the Monicor-Stand-A test bench, which is designed for conducting corrosion-metric tests, including for quality and temperature control, was included in the equipment. And the flow rate, the content of carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen in it. Auxiliary controlled parameters in the installation: liquid levels and pressure in the tanks. The bench installation is running software developed on the basis of the Schneider Electric IGSS SCADA system. LPR, corrosion rate according to the CMAS method, pH value, content of corrosive gases. Also during the test, the rate of corrosion of flat samples by mass loss is determined. The stand controller has the ability to connect new sensors for current output or RS-485 via the MODBUS RTU protocol.
In the period from June 3 to June 6, 2014, the Seminar "Domestic and Foreign Experience of Corrosion Monitoring, Application of Inhibitory Protection and Studies of Corrosion Processes in Oilfield Equipment" was held on the basis of GUP "IPTER" and the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus. The Seminar was attended by 58 people working in the oil, oil refining and petrochemical industries. At the Seminar, presentations are made by employees of scientific and production organizations, as well as a guest from the US - Technical Director of Corr Intsruments Lietai Yang. Presentations made at the seminar are available for participants in the Download section.
Was begun the industrial production of a new model of a corrosion rate indicator "MONICOR-3-GSM-LPR" for carrying out measurements of speed in the online mode by wireless technologies. The device has increased accuracy due to the use of a precision 24 bit ADC, providing an improved system of compensation for ohmic resistance of workers, as well as new measurement algorithms that significantly improve the accuracy of metering in corrosive environments where conditions exist for creating deposits on the metal surfaces. In addition to the corrosion rate, the apparatus evaluates the electrical conductivity of working media in μS / cm. The device is equipped with a power supply, an SD-card (1-4 GB) for recording measured data, a software for receiving data on a computer from an SD card, "Web-Mnicor" software (In source codes) to create your own Web server that allows you to organize the device in on-line mode via GSM network (GPRS) channels. When working with the BDU-UDR-Monicor-GSM controller, the indicator can be used to regulate the reagent consumption depending on the corrosion rate according to LPR sensors
Was begun the industrial production "BDU-UDR-MONIKOR-GSM" and software "Web Monitor" for the organization of the control of corrosion from the Web site. If using "MONIKOR-3-GSM-LRP" it provide to automate the process of feeding the reagent, linking it with the of the corrosion rate.
An electronic system for dosing corrosive gases for the circulation version of the "Monitor-Stand" has been developed. It is provide possible to maintain the partial pressures of corrosive gases (CO2, H2S and O2) from 0 to 1 atm during corrosion testing in a circulating system with high accuracy. During the whole experiment, which is very important for accurate modeling of the corrosion situation and obtaining reliable results.
New methods and methods for predicting the failure flow based on statistical processing of the surfaces of witness specimens exposed in field conditions have been developed. The technique allows for technical and economic comparison of technologies and technologies using standard corrosion control units. "Without an inhibitor" and "with an inhibitor".
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