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Examination of a deposit with the purpose of determination of SRB infection.
    The following activities will be conducted:
  1. Examination of field and injection wells with the purpose of determining biological infection and hydrogen sulfide concentration.
  2. Determination of SRB concentration spots and their density in well bores (injection wells and wellbore areas)
  3. Development of a deposit map of biological infection and hydrogen sulfide concentration.
  4. Assessment of effectiveness of domestic and foreign-made anti-corrosive bactericides. SRB found during the analysis of wells can be used as a test material.
  5. Development of procedures for the use of the most effective bactericides according to the results of laboratory and field tests.
    Our professionals examined the deposits of PJSC Bashneft with this purpose. The following results were obtained:
  • pipeline corrosion level reduced
  • wells injectability increased
  • oil production volume increased at the expense of decomposition of biomass in productive strata