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Testing of anti-corrosive protection techniques for wells and field pipelines
    Our employees (working in «IPTER» at that time) conducted pilot testing of various well protection techniques for wells and pipelines at PJSC «Samotlorneftegaz» in 2002. 20 wells with different characteristics and recovery mechanisms were tested. The following techniques were put to test:
  • squeezing inhibitors into a reservoir
  • embedding in annular space
  • pumping into gas lines of gaslift wells
  • pumping into annular space
    20 Monicor-Probe corrosion control units, 5 Monicor-2M corrosion gages, sample cassettes planted into wells and 10 controlled-volume pumps were used during the testing. Water and oil gas were analyzed at all wells; recovery of reagents was monitored at all wells.
    On completion of the pilot test one reagent of the four presented, which showed the highest effectiveness, was selected. The test proved that the inhibitor treatment of wells brings economic effect only in case of expanding wells' overhaul period and increasing servicing and total overhaul expenses. The protection of pipelines becomes a virtually free additional effect.
    The accumulated experience will help us to conduct works at other customers' deposits with higher cost-effectiveness, predicted results and economically grounded recommendations.