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Erosion test bench installation
    Installation Feature
  • Particle velocities from 5 m/s to 150 m/s
  • Adjustable angles of attack of abrasive particles from 10° to 90°
  • Up to 6 simultaneously tested samples
  • Sizes of test samples up to 40x100 mm
  • Ability to change abrasive concentration in a stream
  • Video Capability
  • The ability to supply fluid to the test sample
  • Test result – steel weight change, micrometric and laser wear measurements
    Practical tasks that can be solved using this stand
  • determination of erosion wearout of various materials when exposed to abrasive particles at different angles of exposure under conditions similar to real ones;
  • prediction of the weakest points in the pipeline in terms of erosion;
  • the choice of materials that are most resistant to erosion wear, including in gas environments with moisture.
    Cooperation options
  • sale and installation of the erosion stand to the buyer;
  • testing of customer materials at the own stand.
    This example shows the photographs of the black steel samples at the exposure to the same amount of abrasive at the different angles of attack. Depth measurements are made due to using of a micrometer.