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    «MONICOR-3-GSM-LPR» is designed for remote measurements of corrosion rate on-line by the wireless technology, it can also be used as a laboratory device with an information storage device. The device has increased accuracy of measurement due to using of a precision 24 bit ADC. It provides an improved system of compensation for ohmic medium resistance, as well as new measurement algorithms that can be used when take places deposits on the surface of the metal. In addition to the corrosion rate, the apparatus evaluates the electrical conductivity of media in μS / cm. The device is equipped with a power supply, an SD-card (1-4 GB) for recording measured data, a software for receiving data on a computer from an SD card, «Web-Monicor» software, which allows to organize work on-line through the GSM network (GPRS) channels. If it used in conjunction with the controller «BDKU-UDR-Monicor-GSM» indicator can be used to regulate the consumption of the reagent depending on the corrosion rate of the LPR sensor. There are pre-set of the basic GSM providers in the device, if necessary, we can input any other. The device is re-flashed automatically when it starts up with a new firmware file written on the SD card. When installing programs, customers are provided with technical support via telephone and Internet channels