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Questions concerning Monicor-1 and Monicor-2M
 Question: What is a Monicor-2 corrosion rate indicator off-line operation life period (working on battery elements)? This question is essential because we are going to install sensors in the areas with no steady power supply sources.
 Answer: You must be interested in a possible number of measurements that a field device can take in an off-line mode. In summer period the device takes about 1000 measurements in the off-line mode (working on "element 373" type batteries), and in winter period the operation life of the battery elements is much shorter and may reduce a lot due to a battery capacity loss. We recommend not to use batteries that cost less than 50 rubles, as they are mostly of a very low quality and do not provide a declared capacity. One of the preventive measures to be taken in winter time is making a foam plastic jacket. We are currently conducting a survey of adaptability of batteries and accumulators to winter operation conditions.
 Question: Corrosion rate measurement results are not displayed on a field device in off-line mode.
 Answer: Unlike the laboratory device, the field modification does not display measurement results in off-line mode. This helps to reduce power consumption and increase the period of service of the device in off-line mode, working on battery elements.
 Question: What value of corrosion rate is registered by the device - absolute or relative?
 Answer: The device measures the instantaneous overall rate of corrosion with the same precision as any other LPR-based measuring device. Errors in measurement results can be caused by a slightly different constant for a particular medium. If you aim at determining the absolute rate of corrosion, you must use a potentiostat to determine Tafel slope factors, then insert these values in a formula and get a precise value of a constant for a particular medium. As a rule, the difference between the corrosion rates determined by the gravimetrical method and the LPR method do not exceed 50% with a constant of 120 set in the device for 4,7 sq cm samples. The main purpose of the device is a comparative testing of inhibitor protection effectiveness and operative assessment of general corrosion level. When protection is effective the corrosion rate is more than 10 times less. Thus, a 50% error margin is not critical when determining the absolute rate of corrosion. Even if the error is present in some cases it does not influence the final result when measuring the protection effect in the same medium.
 Question: What is the percentage discrepancy between absolute and relative measurement values of corrosion rate in oilfield media?
 Answer: The experience of field operation of the devices proves that for the majority of oilfield media the discrepancy between the corrosion rate measured by an indicator and the absolute rate determined according to witness samples weight loss does not exceed 50%.
 Question: The Monicor-2 device worked for some time in an off-line mode. After that the date and the time settings changed. As a result, it is now impossible to import to a computer and process the data recorded by the device. The program generates a "Measurement is not taken" error, although measurement values can be detected in a manual mode.
 Answer: Exactly. The device uses a counter of measured corrosion rate values saved to memory when the indicator is in off-line mode. The counter is activated after setting "the date and the time" of the measurement. In your case, you repeatedly activated the measurement counter, which zeroed it (though the memory data wasn't deleted). In this case the data import program is coordinated with the value of the counter, not with the memory cells. The installation date and the time of the device must remain unchanged before importing the data to a computer. The position can be corrected. When importing the data to the program select "import to file" and send a "DATA\monicor.bin" file to us. We will send back to you the contents of the device's memory, which you will be able to download into the M2 program and sort everything out by yourself.
 Question: What is the maximal length of a measuring line cable for a Monicor-2 field modification?
 Answer: Approximately 20 m. If the length is more, the measuremen's inaccuracy will change.
 Question: Are corrosion rate indicators of your production subject to certification?
 Answer: According to decree #5 of the State Standard Committee of the Russian Federation of 23.02.1998, corrosion rate indicators are not included in the range of products subject to mandatory certification. In the system of the State Standard of the Russian Federation the Monicor-1 device is certified as an indicator for measurement taking according to State Standard (GOST) 9.514-99 (see the Downloads section).
 Question: Can a corrosion gage with an information tank be completed with radio stations?
 Answer: Such possibility has not been developed till now, though it seems to be prospective. It can be used for an automatic adjustment of a pump rate (see the presentation "Application of the IPTER Institute's solutions in field pipelines monitoring automation") at, the Downloads section. If we have at least two orders for such set of equipment, such system (including a device itself, a transmitter, a receiver and software) will be elaborated and manufactured using ready-made units within 1-2 months. For the time being we can supply Monicor-2 with a "current" signal output system for including it into an existing telemetry system.
 Question: Will the system operate at -40C?
 Answer: The system will operate under the condition that power supply (6 V, 150 mA) will be sufficient. It can be achieved either by using an AC mains supply source, or by providing a contact with a warm pipe, or proper thermal insulation, possibly with heating, with a good self-contained power supply. From a technical point of view, this task is feasible.
 Question: What power supply source is used by Monicor-2 with a transmitter?
 Answer: For the time being the Monicor-2 indicator uses four 373-type elements or a power supply unit. We are planning to test different accumulators in order to select the most thermally sound.
 Question: What is the maximum distance between a Monicor-2 base transmitter and a receiver of an automatic inhibitor batching control system on the basis of a Monicor-2 corrosion gage?
 Answer: The distance depends on the capacity and the frequency of a transmitter and the ground relief. If the ground is moderate, the distance can vary from 2 km to 40 km.
 Question: Is it possible to have all parameters displayed on a computer at the dispatcher's room?
 Answer: : It is possible, both through a radio channel and a cable channel. We know how to arrange such a system. Although there were no orders for it so far, we've made a test sample this year. Once we receive a real order we will have to take account of allowed frequencies, capacity of the Reagent pumping unit electric motor, distances between system units and a control station and, finally, to choose appropriate circuit modules and adjust their mutual interaction.
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