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Questions concerning Monicor-2M data acquisition program
 Question: The program didn't accept the information from the Monicor-2 corrosion gage when importing data from the device. Activation of the "Accept" button is followed by the "Win32 Error. Code: 2. Specified file not found" notice.
 Answer: You need to select a necessary port from the four presented in the data import dialog window by ticking off a corresponding box. The tick is set in the COM-2 port box by default (intended for a 25-pin connector). If a 9-pin cable connector is used, the tick should be set in the COM-1 port box. In case "Error 5: no access" is indicated, check in the Windows settings whether the selected port is used by another hardware device - a mouse, a modem, etc. Start and end of the data transfer is indicated by a short beep signal of the device.
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