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Techno-economic analysis
    Knowing from previous experience the problems of corrosion accidence of oil field pipelines, we offer you cooperation in solving these urgent problems.
    We suggest an integrated approach in solving these problems, which includes:
  1. Corrosion situation assessment in accordance with:

    • the data of accident rate analysis
    • physicochemical and bacteriological research
    • corrosion-hydraulic calculation
    • pipelines survey and diagnosis results

  2. Detection of determinating factors of media corrosivity. Detection of a metal's ability to withstand its influence.
  3. Assessment of effectiveness of anticorrosive measures taken at an enterprise; determination of positive and negative aspects of existing practice.
  4. Assessment of optimal replacement age for pipelines.
  5. Testing of different variants of anticorrosive protection:

    • corrosion inhibitors
    • bactericides
    • lined pipes, nonmetallic pipes

    Test objective:

    • detection of application area
    • determination of optimal reagents and application techniques for these reagents

  6. Determination of factual financial losses of an enterprise through corrosion in pipeline system.
  7. Techno-economic analysis of different variants of anticorrosive protection.
  8. Development of an Anticorrosive protection system (APS), which is to be an economically sound combination of different variants of anticorrosive protection. APS includes:

    • a computerized system of current information gathering and analysis
    • pipelines corrosion monitoring

    All APS elements should be tested in operation by an Executor at one of the objects selected by a Customer. Specialists of a customer must undergo training on every element of the System.
    All listed works are to be carried out using:
  1. Economic analysis based on the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) RP-02-82 Standard "Direct calculation of efficiency of corrosion protection measures". Our specialists have adapted the Standard to local accountancy rules (see "Calculation of optimal service life period for pipelines". The All-Russian Scientific Research Institute for Organization of Management and Economics of the Oil and Gas Industry (VNIIOENG). Economics and Management of the Oil and Gas Industry, ##11-12, 1997). Methods of economic analysis of inhibition has been developed, officially approved by PJSC "Tyumen Oil Company British Petroleum ("TNK-BP Company") and recommended for use.
  2. Methods of «Prediction of a maximum corrosion depth and a time period before transparent defects show up, based on ultrasonic thickness gaging» (Developer: the Institute for Problems of Energy Resources Transportation IPTER).
  3. «EXTRA» complex software developed for:

    • computer-aided certification in compliance with a guiding document (GD) #39-132-94
    • accident rate analysis
    • hydraulic and corrosion-hydraulic calculation of three-phase oil emulsion

  4. Corrosion monitoring systems developed by our specialists.
  5. Guiding documents and methods of corrosivity analysis.
  6. Normative documents regulating the methods of bacteria detection in technological media and assessment of bactericidal effectiveness of chemical reagents (developed by our workers for industrial use):

    • GD 39-1-163-79. Methods of control of sulfate-reducing bacteria injected into water producing formations and oil products infection rate
    • GD 39-01471103-350-89. In-lab assessment of reagents' bactericidal effectiveness for sulfate-reducing bacteria adhesed cells