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    The "ExtraCalc" engineering calculator was elaborated in 2003. It allows to significantly facilitate the implementation of various engineering calculations, which are rather time-consuming. The calculator may be operated as an independent software product or as part of the "Extra" program complex.
    The calculator allows to do the following operations:

  1. Calculation of a compound molecular weight according to an inputted formula.
  2. Conversion of measurement units from one system of notation to another (the database can be replenished via MS Excel).
  3. Calculation of pipe strength (there is a replenishable database of various materials; the database can be replenished via MS Excel).
  4. Determination of corrosion inhibitor effectiveness parameters by means of a statistical analysis during testing according to State Standard (GOST) 9.514-99
  5. Determination of a CO2, H2S, O2 concentration in water based on gas analysis data and vice versa (according to Henry's law)
  6. Assessment of a predictive maximum penetration according to wall thickness measurement (the program is provided with a procedure referred to in GD 39-132-94)
  7. Calculation of corrosion rate according to De Waard - Milliams' methodwith consideration to the flow rate.
  8. Calculation of heat transmission coefficient according to pipeline master data.
  9. Statistical data approximation by linear, exponential and power functions and cubic equations. It can be used for calculating predictive values according to real data (E.g. failure curve prediction etc.)
  10. Calculation of an equilibrium moisture in oil-gas pipelines, formation of hydrates and determination of a required amount of hydration inhibitor.
    A dedicated technology Extra Pack Manager (EPM) allows to replenish Databases via MS Excel tables. The Calculator can be expanded with new reference data by inputting through MS Excel tables. Besides, the program contains the Periodic table as a reference material. The Calculator can be optionally augmented with calculations based on additional methods.